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Is life bringing you the Happiness you are looking for?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

This is an interesting yet complex question. Have you taken time to look or wonder where you are heading or where you want to be in your life? At times life can just end up being like a hampster wheel.You try new jobs or relationships but they just do not seem to work out and we are left feeling like a failure or that life is just against us.Newsf lash life loves you ! I have discovered that if we approach every new experience ,job ,relationship,let down the same way we get the same outcome. If you always choose the same type of person for each new relatioinship you are very likely to end up with the same results. Our choices are often made from past experiences or traumas as we mature . These are very often forgotten or pushed down because they are painful or we just do not want to look at them.We tell ourselves stories to get past them..." no big deal." " I don't care ", "I am not angry".It has been proven that our bodies are like a computer and our life is kept i n our memory even though we may not realize it.When I began to learn this I have to admit I was skeptical but over the past few years I can see that this is true.There is a quote that I read recently that hit home for me " Life is not what happens to you,it is how you deal with it." So even those hidden hurts need to be dealt with.This can be hard to do especially on your own. There is help out there to guide you.As a life coach. I love seeing people find their dreams and desires become reality.They begin to feel lighter and you find the energy to step out of your comfort zone to attempt new ways of thinking and doing.You can do this as well! AS YOU MOVE FORWRD YOUR LIFE WILL FOLLOW! Message me to start dicscovering a life you desire for yourself. Life is waiting for you to say yes.


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