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Everyone has a story they tell. Your name, where you live, likes and dislikes are part of your story that tell others about you.The deeper parts of the story are the events that mold you into who you are at this moment.I like to see it as chapters in a book.The events start when you are born and continue throughout your life. What does your story look like? Have the chapters progressed as you get older and mature? Or do they stay the same.? When I ask this I know that sometimes painful events as children or young adults can color how we see the world around us. Do we feel safe with other people or are we fearfull of speaking up to ask for what we need? This is seen in several ways as we grow older and often it is something we only see by looking more closely at ourselves and how we respond to life as adults.When we have had diffeicult and painful experiences in our formative yesrs we will often see the world as unsafe, dangereous. unfair or in other negative ways.The chapters of our book all begin to be the same ... sad negative fearful, suspiciious, angry. As I look back on my own lbook I see the difficult and hurtful things that are making up my early chapters, and the great parts that I can look at and smile . laugh and see how far life has taken me.It is hard work and meeting beautiful people along the way has giver me that abillity to move past those hard chapters,turn the page and see the wonder as well as joy in my world.Takeing that deep dive into ourselves takes courage and patience but so much growth and joy can be the result. I am grateful to have met many teachers, mentors friends along the way that have encouragd me to try things outside my comfort zone. We all need that boost of confidence sometimes. As a life coach I am here to give you that boost by being present as you discover what you need and want in your book and walk that journey with you.


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