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What is your mind telling you today?

It is interesting how our mindset can drive our emotions, how we see those around us and how we see the world in general. What you think you become tells me that when we see the world as dangerous or eveil and uncaring it will make me fearful. Fear gives birth to so many other emotions,anxiety, more fear, depression, mistrust and more. When we see the world as basically good fear is much less, anxiety, mistrust, depression have little to no room to grow.

What you feel you attract is much similar.When you work to keep your thoughts and feelings positive and grateful you seem to attract good things most of the time. Think of starting your day and you are not looking forward to going to work then the toast burns , you hit every red light on the way to work,.The more upset and angry you get the more negative things seem to keep happening,At least that is what I have found.

What you feel you create works in the same way as the first two.When you dream and imagine great things for yourself they begin to unfold. It is good to take time to see what you are thinking, feeling and imagining. Sometimes we just get into a pattern of seeing our surroundings as negative without even realizing it. You can change this by working at seeing life from a different viewpoint .Yes it takes work but the results are worth the work. Your life becomes easier , fear lessens,anxiety deceases, you laugh more, your health improves.Now is that not worth the work?

Contact me if you have comments , questions or need to chat about how you are managing.I would love to hear your thoughts both positive or negative to my posts.This helps all of us get better.I look forward to hearing from you!

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13 abr 2022

Love this and its absolutely correct, a bad start to my morning makes for a rough day! I do my best to keep my kids in a positive mood as well before they start their day!

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