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A New Year! Do you have Dreams or Plans?

Updated: Jan 8

We have just entered a new year, and many people have made New Year's resolutions. My question to you is ... do they work for you? How long do you follow them? For myself, they usually last about a week, and then I am back to the old habit or action. I have now started changing the word resolution to plan and write it down where I will see it. This keeps me motivated. In the past, I have also done a Vision Board. It is not only fun to let your creative side get to work, but it is also fun to do. I never thought I would say that because I had millions of excuses not to try it. A Vision Board can help you see your plan and dreams. The next step is how to make it become a reality. As a Life Coach, I can assist you in forming the plan that you choose to implement. Your coach is part mentor and part cheerleader. They ask you the questions you may be avoiding. The question is asked in a way that you now get curious about your answer. Your coach will help you go deeper into your decision-making without telling you what to do ... you do that! This leaves you feeling empowered and proud of the work to achieve your goals. Dreams are good, but they remain dreams without a goal for accomplishing them. If you are struggling with a goal for 2024, let's chat and see how I can help you on your way to success. I offer a complimentary 30-minute chat to get to know each other.

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