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A picture can trigger many memories!

I found this picture in a group that I had saved from somewhere online. When I added it to my collection it was just a beautiful picture. Today when I saw this picture I was flooded with memories of sitting in our backyard late into the evening watching the sky and all of us sharing our wonder at the beauty. We had many discussions during those late-night family gatherings. Our girls were in their early teens at the time and it was amazing to hear their stories, thoughts, and feeling about the world and life. I struggle to keep that beauty these days as I watch the news and what is taking place all over the world and especially in our own country.Just watching the news is painful. I hold tightly to the beauty I see around me and hope others will do the same. We hear that mental health has become a crisis like never before. The pandemic and world affairs have added to this crisis. As a life coach, I am here to help you work through the feelings and emotions that may arise for you. It is important to reach out for help when you begin to feel like you are spiraling into a dark place. We all need to ask for help as we work through life events. When you read this blog take a few minutes to just enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature.]and notice if it has a calming effect for you.

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This picture is beautiful. I don't remember those stories, perhaps you could share?

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