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Are you living in the moment?

What exactly is living in the moment? I have found that children have it figured out. Unfortunately, as we grow older the stresses of daily life seem to block our ability to live in the moment. Today for the first time in ages I just sat and enjoyed a coffee on my front patio without moving to do anything other than sit. I was able to relax and really see the beauty that was around me. To feel the breeze, listen to the birds, being grateful just to be still. Being in the moment can also be actively listening to a friend or client as they share a comment or concern with you. Many times I need to remind myself to stop and just listen. As a life coach I find that to really listen to my clients is uppermost in both of our time together. They need to know they are being heard. Taking a few minutes to clear my mind and relax is a part of my work, to be fully present with them.When I am in the moment we build trust together making our sessions much more valuable.I look forward to working with you to live your best life.

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