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Bloom where you are planted !

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Did the title catch you attention? Are you wondering what it means? I heard the words “bloom where you are planted’’ many years ago as a younger person. It is also the title of a song I often listened to. As humans always striving for more or something better than we already have these words have spoken to me often over the years. We hear ourselves or other people wishing they had that perfect job, partner, home, and the list goes on. It is

great to dream or want something different, but does it always make you happy? I am not so sure it does because when we get what we think we want there is always something that seems even better. For me blooming where you are planted means that I can be happy where I am and do the things I hope to do right where I am. Looking at the bigger picture you can make positive changes to your life or the lives of others right where you live, work, and raise your family. Over the years I have met many ordinary people

doing great work in their communities changing lives, feeding the homeless, volunteer where needed. They are being happy positive people sharing their gifts. Life can be beautiful right where you are so BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED! You can find the song on U-tube if you would like to hear it. A close relative to being happy where you are is Taking a Risk. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is hard and often scary but as we do take that risk, we discover new talents and abilities we may not have realized. Life gives us no guarantee but when you can Bloom wherever you are and take that risk life will be an amazing journey of discovery. I love to have feedback on my thoughts and musings. You can connect with me at or https.// or follow me on Instagram

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Membre inconnu
21 juin 2022

This is awesome and so true. Love it!

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