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Body Mind Spirit how are they connected?

I began learning about the body, mind, spirit connection about seven years ago . I am discovering it is an evolving process. I see body, mind, spirit as intimately connected. They can stand alone but my life is better when they are all balancing together. The body needs the nourishment of healthy food and water and rest to fight off disease, have the energy to get us through challenging days, and move about freely. Our minds sort our thoughts, help us make, decisions, and sometimes it even controls how we talk to ourselves. What do I mean by "talk to ourselves"? This is that voice in your head that sometimes tells you that you are not good enough, smart enough. worthy enough. I am sure each of you can add your own negative self-talk to the list. Our minds also give us positive feedback. We have some control over how we listen or change the story our minds tell us. Speak to yourself as you would to your child or friend, with kindness and patience. Ok now, how does spirit fit into all of this? Spirit is that spark of life in you that makes you the perfect being that you have been created to be. Your spirit feeds the other parts of you to become whole. It will assist you in your discovery of who you are, what is your life's purpose. Like I said in the beginning, this is an ever-evolving process. I believe having body mind and spirit all balanced is worth the effort. I will explore more on this topic another time so stay tuned!


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