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Can we have peace in chaos?

That is a question I have asked myself lately. We have just commemorated those who fought to have our freedom.on November 11th, listening to world news makes me wonder if we will ever truly have peace. How do we have a sense of peace within when there is such turbulence in the world? I struggle with this at times. I need to know what is happening in the world but also limit it because it can be overwhelming. When this happens, I detach from world news for a few days, which is ok. It is a part of self-care. I search for peace within myself and by how I treat those who come into my world daily. Taking time each day to just stop and turn off the world is vital in today's world. l have learned that all life is interconnected, which means humanity and nature. Peace does begin with me, even if I cannot solve every problem or pain. Each time we are kind to one another, we are peacemakers, even though it seems small and simple. Every time we spend time in gratitude, we are peacemakers because gratitude leads us to look at life with a greater appreciation for humanity and nature. I wish you PEACE today and always!


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