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Can you find your mission in the post-it notes?


I find reading the post-it notes interesting but overwhelming. The owner of this board has many great ideas but just where to start.I am not sure one person can work on all we see here at one time Even seeing so many can be a point of frusteration.Perhaps it would be good to choose 3 of the notes that feel most importamt to you and work on them for a month.You can evaluate how you did and either keep them for another month or take one away and add a different intention..Once again work with the 3 for a month. It is laways a good idea to journal your progress.I hsve learned that life is constantly changeing and can be both exciting and a bit scarey at the same time.Remember to celebrate your sucesses no matter how small or large. My hope is that by working slowly you will get a sense of what is most imprtant for you , where youare already successful and discover ways to achieve your goal.You may find some of the notes are no longer relevant to you.We all have special gifts so be gentle with yourself as you find your place of growth, achievement and excitement. You may decide to use a life coach to help you get started and keep you motivated.


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I hate post it notes! I do make notes of things but get rid of them asap. A board like that I would get rid of it! That remind me of a cluttered mind. I am more methodical. I can muti-task but like completion.

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