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Christmas is coming!Are you EXCITED or STRESSED?

Christmas has alway been an exciting time for me but does have a few stressors.I consider myself blessed to have many happy memmories around the Chrismas season.That is not true for so many others. Family gatherings can be incredibly difficult. There are families in pain due to sickness, divorce, anger, trauma,finances and a multitude of other reasons.Navigating this time of year takes doing a deep dive into what you need and how you can be honest with yourself and your family members. I see it as a difficult balancing act but achievable.This Christmas season be gentle with yourself and those around you.. Choose whatever works best, be it less spending , limiting time with people that cause you stress and more time with people you love ( yes your family as well LOL). If you need help over the next few weeks I can help you set your Christmas goals for success and joy. you can message me here onmy website or call 705 352 0080.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone

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Christine Donovan Evans
Christine Donovan Evans
01 de dez. de 2021

I love the Christmas season! Yes I have been stressed over the years but now we have simplified our gift giving and enjoy get togethers with the family and friends!

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