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Compliments! How do you respond ?

This is a question I have been working on lately. A compliment can seem to have many faces and not all of those faces are true. Compliments are meant to build us up , make us feel good and let us know how someone feels about us or our work. They are not usually meant to make us feel embarass.ed or uncomfortable. .So why do so many of us have difficulty acepting them? In my personal experience and in speaking with others, compliments often make us want to hide or deny our gifts. We do not give ourselves enough credit for our personal accomplishments Looking back, we have been taught not to bring attention to ourselves, it was more godly to be silent!!! Now that in itself is a sad thought in 2024!! We are given gifts at special occasions to use and enjoy so why not do the same with the gifts we are given from birth! These gifts are ones to share with others. They are different and unique to each individual and I believe meant to be shared, be proud of and celebrated. When I say gifts I am thinking of things like problem solving , a friendly personality. a welcoming attitude, someone that makes us laugh when we are sad or at a party.This is an endless list. I have realized I feel uncomfortable at times when complimented so need to take a look at why. Is it partly the way society is or was as we were growing up? Our life experiences can affect us more than we allow ourselves to see. As I begin to internalize and accept my own gifts and be grateful for them I no longer feel a need to hide or make them small. I simple say THANK YOU. Complimennts are two sided , the giver and the receiver both benefit when recognized. After all they are gifts and meant to be enjoyed . I know I am not alone so let me know how you manage compliments that you are given. It helps us all to learn and grow.

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