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Death,Grief, Mourning ,Loss,What now ?

These are words we all fear and try with all of our energy to avoid. Why is that? When a loved one dies we experience a pain that feels like we are being ripped apart.Why is that? How do you heal after a loss? I have been doing grief support work for several years and can work with you to travel the path back to yourself.This will take time and work on your part.I have spent many hours looking into the reasons why the loss hurts so much and why we fear death to the point we avoid talking about it. Many believe in heaven,or some sort of afterlife.This afterlife is supposed to be peaceful and a place to see those who have gone before us so why is there fear?. Death is a given yet almost no one talks about death, theirs or someone elses .We squirm, look away,deny and do anything to change the subject. Ideally as humans we would talk and share our quetions about this part of our life as we do other things that are important.I am talking about planning this inescapable event for our own and our loved ones sake. There is a quote that says"there is nothing to fear except fear itself". once you get beyond fear that black cloud disappears .I have noticesd over the past few years Celebrations of Life have become more common than Funerals.When you think about it Celebration gives you a much more positive outlook than Funeral does.This does not mean we do not grieve and mourn the one that has died ! We have loved them and will miss them when they are no longer in human form.Feelings as humans are important and normal.Celebrating the life of those we loose through death is also normal and helps us remember all the great memmories of that life.I have worked with poeple experiencing life limiting diseases ,helping them look to the future and how they would like to be remembered .This can and often does include planning their celebration of Life.This way family members can be included and conversations become easier as they all get the chance to express their fear, love,needs, and memmories.This is not always possible.unfortunately.Sharing our feelings about death and letting loved ones know what we want as our life comes to an end is important .It is a time to share your needs so that when the time of a loved ones death happens it is often more peaceful for all. Moving forward is still difficult. This will help you navigate these very important times.You will still grieve but will have the comfort of being able to know what your loved ones wishes were and that you were able to give that to them as a last gift.

These conversations can start early in your life.This will normalize the words death, dying, grief,loss and that often takes the fear out of them. Your ideas may change over the years and that as well is normal .As life changes so do our needs and feelings

If you are having concerns about starting the conversation or dealing with your grief journey I can help you work through this difficult time and find your solid ground again.I work with groiups and with people on a 1:1 basis in a safe comfortable space as well as on Zoom.

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