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Even winter can teach me something!

This week Ontario Canada has been extremely cold with lots of snow. I will admit as I have gotten older winter is not my favorite season. I have been watching winter do what it does and can not help thinking about how it is sleeping. Nature has gone to sleep. During this sleeping time, it is preparing for the new growth and beauty of spring. We see a cycle here of sleep, grow, bloom, rest. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. How amazing is that! We can learn so much from observing nature in all its wonder. I find I am home more in winter and tend to be reflective as I sit in my warm house just watching and doing things I usually do not take time to do in the other seasons. Following the idea of sleep, grow, bloom and rest are vital for us as well. We are better able to meet the stresses of daily life, maintain good health, and be present for the people in our lives. This sounds good but how do we do that? It takes being honest with ourselves and committing to working on a good family, work, social balance as often as we can. Remember the cycle sleep, grow, bloom, rest. If you are wanting to go deeper into achieving this balance I would love to help you discover ways to do that..Message me at or


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Thanks Mary - a lovely post and well said.

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