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Fall a time of Changes

Summer is now behind us and we have entered Fall. I find the transition from each season brings with it both new and old experiences. I love summer with its hot sunny days and long evenings.Fall brings sunshine, cloudy days and shorter evenings but the smells are cozy and earthy for me. As I watch this transition from summer to fall I reflect on my own transitioning.This transitioning or change involves all parts of my life.The physical changes, the cooler weather, sensory changes with the smell of leaves falling and becoming part of our earth. We eat differnt foods, dress in heavier cloths and get back into a new routine of living. This pace is often more geared to routines of returning to school, sports activities, famiiy life.The Fall is a time to snuggle up to a warm fire and reflect on new ventures or ways of being present in our world. I find this is the time when I begin dreaming and planning a new adventure or project for the rest of the year..I am learnng to follow the Medicine Wheel used by our Indigenous people. It is based on the interconectedness of all things.This includes the 4 directiions of North, South, East, and West as well as the land, sky, water, and animals. Each direction signifies a different time as we move through each life cycle from birth to death.This has not only intrigued me but has helped me to be more connected to all living things seen and unseen.(air, the divine are two examples) when I see how nature just knows when it is time to change or grow it makes me smile and remember that all things transition in due time .For me that means trying to stop worrying, slow down an d let my life evolve..All things come at the right time for us human as well as nature. The internet has lots of good information on the Mediciheel if you would like to learn more. Our Indigeneous people can teach us so much about living in unity with the world around and above us. As a Life Coach I can help you discover ways to work with the transitions in your own life.We can all use help as we journey through all that life brings our way.

If you enjoyed reading my ramblings or have any comments I would love to hear your thoughts

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Take care and remember to stop and enjoy the changes you see as fall progresses to the next season.

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