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Fall is one of my favorite season.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Although each season has its own special beauty Fall is my favorite.The fresh air, colored leaves , the aromas of the earth. Watching farmers harvesting the bountifull produce makes me gratefull and excted to be able to see what we have been given.Of course I can't speak of Fall and forget pumpkin spice LOL. I see nature slowing by trees shedding their leaves and days getting shorter.I find that fall is a time for me also to begin to settle in and look at what I may need to let go of. Sometimes it is as simple as just slowing down from the summer business. Maybe it is a relationshiip that we feel is draining our energy and we need to step away for a while. Fall can be a time to reflect on how you are feeling or where your life is heading. Sitting quietly with a warm drink just looking at nature can inspire you to make any changes that you may need.Maybe Fall is just a time to be present with yourself being gratefull for all you have in your life. I would love to hear your thoughts about fall ... what do you need to lot go of or take time to reflect on?


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