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FEAR vs ANXIETY how are they different?

Hello everyone. Have you ever wondered why we have fear or anxiety? Some of the reading I have done say they are the same and some say they are very similar.I tend to see them as related .The definitiion of fear is an emotional reacton to a real or percieved danger.Anxiety is excessive and unfocused fear that may be triggered by a variety of stimuli. The symptomes they generate are mostly the same, an increased heart rate chills ,headache stromache issues, sleep disorders, irritability ,a tightness in rhe chest or breathing difficulties.There are many more but the ones I have mentioned are the most common. We have all experienced both fear and anxiety to some degree . They can be debilitating but ALSO protective.Fear makes you stop and take notice when there is danger.For example a speeding car coming in your direction or a wild animal in the woods. Anxiety as I understand it is a direct relative of fear but it can also cause us to freeze and stay stuck in a dangerous situation instead of moving forward.You will often see it called the fight , flight or freeze responce.

I have found that fear and anxiety are part of our humanity that we learn to deal with . It is different for each of us depending on our life exeriences , family history, and past traumas. Most of us can work through these difficult moments but when you are not able to do this alone or the fear and anxiety become a large part of daily life , it needs to be shared with a professional that can help you discover why you are stuck in fear and the side effects that it brings ... as I mentioned above. Living in a constant state of fear or anxiety can cause major health issues.Seeking help during times of intense or debilitating fear or anxiety is a brave move for anyone but it will bring about positive change for you and lead to a more peacefull happy life. As always I would be happy to chat with you or dicuss your thoughts around fear and anxiety.

# kick fear to the curb#sendanxietyinto space#peace

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