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Grief has many faces.

When I was thinking about what I would post this week the topic of Grief came back again. It has been a while since I added to the grief part of my blog. This one is more personal today. It has been almost 8 years now since the death of my husband and I am still discovering new parts of the grief process. The intense pain has lost its jagged edges. I am able to remember the happy memories and things I have learned along the way when we were together. Life has been an interesting journey these years since Marv died. I often wonder what he would think of how my life has changed and have even asked him. Yes, I talk to him at times and that feels normal at least for me LOL. As I go through life there are things I miss but also new experiences that bring tremendous joy. I see this as a natural progression and believe strongly that our loved ones want us to be happy. As we work through our grief and yes it can be hard exhausting work in the beginning I see it as a way to honor them as well. We all have our own paths to travel and in loving those we lose and finding happiness through our losses they live on as well . Talk about them and share your experiences both the happy and sad times. That is our connection to them and each other. I love to have my grandchildren ask me about "Popa", even the ones that were too young to remember him. Grief is a shared journey, that is how we accept, discover, and find HOPE.

If you are working through your own journey and would like to hear more about the grief process or share with others to learn, cry, laugh, and grow I will be facilitating a grief group in September. Message me if you are interested in joining, It will be open to adults and limited to 6-7 people so we all have time to share and learn.


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