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Is it possible to heal after loosing a loved one, a pet, a job or any other major life losses? This is a question I hear and read often. All loses are different but similar in that they all cause us pain both emotionally and often physically.They are yours and that makes them personal and important. Each loss brings with it similar emotions but is also unique to every individual. Our way of dealing with this is directly connected to other life experiences.How did your parents or friends react when you lost something important as a child? How did that make you feel? Yes so many quesrtions! All of them will have a part to play in your grief. I have come to see Healing to mean Getting Better (or improving.) When you see a scar from a wound you think of it as healed yet there is still evidence that something has occured or hurt you.I beleive that with grief and loss it is the same , we get better but there will always be a remaining scar.The healing process for grief is painfiul and the wounds or scars are often not visible to others .The broken heart, emptiness,tears, loneliness are often feelings we so often keep to ourselves but that pain is real and strangly can also be healing. As you look at the picture of the broken heart the next heart begins again to beat and start to heal(or feel). Healing needs a caring

community and sharing for us to begin that journey of healing. A community of patience , understanding, sharing and even quiet listening for us to begin that healing process.We need to know we are not alone and that what we experience during our grief is real and valid.Yes it is possible to heal after loosing someone or something important to us but it takes time patience and a caring community .The scar will always be there but the pain will change .

If you have suffered a loss and are in need of any of the things I have shared, reach out to me. I will be hosting a grief group starting September 13, 2023 on a weekly basis for six weeks. The loss can be recent or even several months ago but you will find what you need in a group sharing and connecting together

You can reach me at or at

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