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How are you managing your emotions this winter?

We are about half way through winter here in Ontario. Although a fresh snowfall is beautiful, to some the winter months can be challenging. We often feel like the bright sunny days are outnumbered by the cloudy darker ones.The days are shorter as well. The shorter darker days can motivate me to do things indoors that I tend to put off when the sun shines but one dark day is enough then I look for the sun.I have found my energy level is much lower when there are prolonged darker days.Does this happen to you as well? How do you manage your moods and emotions during those short dull days? I have found that I need to stay active and engaged especially on the cloudy days .This does not mean you need to go out in the bad weather or start a new winter activity. It means to perhaps plan an avtivity you enjoy either indoors or outside , call a friend for a chat or read a book you have been wanting to read. I find going out for a walk if you are able works wonders because it gets me out in nature with my dog and the freash air even on cloudy days can re-energize my day . Staying motivated is hard but you feel much better at the end of the day. As I look at the picture I chose for todays blog, I am gratefull for each day BUT the sunny ones win for me. We learn from each other so it would be great if you took a moment to share how you manage the dark days of our Canadian Winters. Maybe even looking at how the clouds change to sunshine in the picture will help ...SPRING will be here soon! Each season has its own beauty.

Disclaimer If you find that your down days are greatly outnumbering your good days and you are trying the suggestions in this blog, I would urge you to speak to your health care professional .Many people do find the lack of sunshine affects their mental health and overall wellbeing. #motivation#stayactive#gratitude#friendships#findthebeauty#openheartwellnesshealth


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Although sometimes you just want to stay in your nightgown all day, force yourself to get dressed and do some activity you like. Once in awhile it is okay to stay home in your jammies and binge watch! Sometimes just a mind break is good!

Unknown member
Feb 01, 2023
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Thank for sharing Chris. A jammies day and binge watching is a good self -care bvreak

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