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I love an evening of self care !

I had the opportiunity recently to attend an outdoor concert with a friend.October 2, 2021 was warm , the energy of all those present seemed contagiious.This concert was a tribute to Linda Ronstadt. Music from my growing up years and from the age range. most of the other guests were feeling that nostalgia as well.That night was a time to step away from the chaos of our world and just enjoy the company, the music and nature. I was not aware that it was also a benefit concert with the ticket and food sales being donated to a local Hospice.That for me was the icing on the cake.Being able to have fun and support such a great cause was a bonus for all. What do you do to step away from your busy life? We all need to find ways to make our hearts sing in the mids of the routines and pressures of dailly life.Everyone around us benefits when we are balanced and happy.


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yes we all do

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