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Is your world moving too Fast ?

Are you feeling that the world around you is moving too fast? Life itself is changing every day! Does watching the news news increase the fear and anxiety demons. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.! I am finding there are days when I just need to turn off all news chanels and be very selective what I read on social media. My mind is like the one in the picture. A cloud of swerling emotions and questions.These are the days I make sure I do something relaxing for myself.or get outside and be in nature In the quiet, even though there are noises around me I can feel the sunshine ,smell the fresh cut grass or just enjoy the neighborbhood vibe. In todays world it seems like evertthing has spead up and it is often hard, especally if we are trying to keep up with everything. This is when I start to consciously choose what and how much I will watch and listen too.Often I also tune into whatever I can find that gives me a positive feeling or makes me laugh.I beleive that the life we are given is meant to be lived, learned from and shared with others. I do that better when I am in control of my own fears and anxieties. What do you do when you feel your world is starting to spin out of control?Check out the suggestions in the picture or add your own ways that will bring you back into balance with all that is upsetting your world.. The more I practice being in balance the easier it is getting and the happier I am .That hopefully moves on to the people I connect with each day . All emotions have a roll in our growth ,it is how we work with them and grow from them that cause us to be off balance. Have a great day , work at keeping life balanced and you will be surprised at the results.

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