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Journaling,Walking and Meditation.Do they help calm your emotions ?

This is a question that I have heard asked multiple times. There are also many answers to this question, or perhaps I should say opinions. Journaling is something that I have discovered to be a great asset in my own personal work and learning. I have been journaling on and off for many years and find it can help me see life more clearly, or both sides of a discussion (debate, argument) Many people keep a journal of trips they take and can go back and remember the fun they had and friends they made. Keeping a journal for daily life and emotions will help you release pain, anger, tears, anxiety, stress. Meditation will calm a mind so you can connect with those feelings or as many tell us" to go into your body and feel.".Trauma and all forms of emotional pain live in our bodies and can show up as physical pain. This is often in the form of headaches, stomach upsets, or even more serious physical issues. Walking is something we all do in some form or another but did you know you can walk and mindfully meditate at the same time. It is very calming and can be as simple as just being aware of nature around you. What do you smell, hear see as you are walking and how do you feel at the end of the walk...relaxed ?? I see all three, journaling, meditation, and walking as forms of self-care that can help us to stay grounded and more prepared to face the events of our day. They can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as you would like them to be. Some days I have an hour and some days it is 5 minutes If you have not tried any of these things I would suggest you pick one to start. Journaling would be a great way to begin. I would love to hear how you are doing with this or any other comments or questions.

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