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May you know Possibility

This week's post is taken from Meditations for everyday living by Adrienne Edgar.The thouights are simple, short but very pertinent.

"Open your mind and heart to all of the possibilities that are out there for your greatest good. May you use your imagination to dream up the best possible day and the best possible year and the best possible life. What does that look like? What small step can you take today to get you just a little bit closer? Open to possibility and you will find it everywhere."

I find this to be encouragng as well as motivating. That is why I used this picture of a newly planted flower. It holds endless possibilities for growth and transformation. As humans, we also have the beauty of growth and transformtion. Like all living things, we need nurturing, love, and care. In a few weeks, this flower will change its size and number of blooms and look very different from what it does now. With careful attention and love, we will be doing the same thing. Unlike nature, our changes are not always as evident but they can be transforming. Take some time to think about the questions mentioned above in the quoted text and see what you find out about yourself. As always I love to hear your feedback

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