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My Logo has a Story

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Recently I have been asked several times what my logo means and, what is open heart wellness . This took me by surprise because I thought it was clear and simple. Today I will tell you the history behind my logo and how it was created.When I decided I wanted a website I wanted something that would cover the full human experience ....BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.I also wanted people to know our time together would be safe , confidential and non judgemental.The heart represents caring and the crack you see is openness. The colors are chakra colors which are the 7 most well know energy points running from the base of your tailbone to the top of your head.They help us stay in balance of body mind and spirit.The hummingbirds were a favorite of my husbands.I always admired their strength especially compared to their size.They are flexible as they move and change directions so quickly.Life can be that way, although being flexible and going with the flow is more difficult for us.We need to learn to be flexible .For me that is a lifelong process .As I look at the chakra colors I now also see the PRIDE colors so I am hoping the individuals in that group will also know they are safe at Open Heart Wellness.

My logo was a joint effort with my oldest granddaughter.I talked to her about my ideas and she brought me the logo so on top of all the meanings is the sentimental aspect of how it was created.

To connect all that I have written ,Open Heart Wellness is safe place to heal and find balance of body , mind and spirit. As you reflect on the colors, see what they may say to you.Colors can mean many things to each of us .More about chakra colors another time

I hope you enjoyed this post and it serves you in some way.Connect with me with comments or questions or

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