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Navigating Grief over the Holidays

"The holidays are time spent with loved ones", has been imprinted on our minds from a young age.What do you do when loved ones are missing and everyone else seems excited and happy?Chrismas can be incredibly difficult for those who are grieving but I will share yith wou ways to get through the next few weeks.First and most importantly be GENTLE with yourself.Let your family know how you are feeling and ask for their patience when you are just not able to join in all of the festivies.You can have family members help you make this day a memrable one by including memmories of the loved one in ways that will bring some joy even though there may also be sadness .Grieving is filled with mixed emotions so let them flow as needed for yourself and I am sure for other family members..A few suggestions could be ....light a candle perhaps at the beginning of the meal, create an online tribute for them,have each person share a story about the loved one..Above all, use their name because their name gives confirmation that they lived and were loved.If you are needing more help please call me. I have had my own experience with grief and would be honored to assist you through this time or as you continue through your grief journey. or 705 352 0080

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