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New Years Resolutions or Goals and Dreams?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Will you be starting the new year with a list of resolutiions? Does it work well for you? I find I do great for the first week or so then once the hype is over so are my resolutions. I have started to take some time a few days before the end of the year to look at what I have accomplished in the previous year then think of what I would like to accomplish in the coming year. Yes it takes time and I find journaling during the year helps.I have found that over the past 7 years I have had the chance to use both a therapist and a coach. Never in my farthest dreams did I think I would be talking to someone about myself .WOW I was amazed at how I started to learn about ME! It was interesting, hard and very enlightening. I have learned that many of us experience traumas , and stressful events that we tend to push down and just keep moving forward ignoring them. My other discovery is that these hurts and traumas will come back to visit at some point because they need to be healed. Are you ready to discover YOU in 2022? I suggest that you take some time to look at what ,you would like to achieve in 2022 and instead of the usual resolutiions take the deep dive into what you need to be truly happy. Maybe that is discovering your relationship boundaries, or using your voice in a more affirmative way to speak your truth.Whatever you decide I can help you set the goals you want for yourself. Yes it is growth and it is amazing!!!

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02. Jan. 2022

My resolution is to take better care of myself this is so busy taking care of everyone else, I forget about me!

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