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One step at time sounds so easy but is it really?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

As I looked at this quote I thought ''yes so simple". We do tend to want to see the whole picture when making decisions, especially the ones that can be life changing..It can freeze us in fear,anxiety,self doubt frusteration ending in a spiral and doing nothing out of the fear or at least that is what I have often seen and experienced. So what would motivate you to take that first step? Maybe it is encouragement from a trusted friend or family member.These are both great but will they keep you accountable? As your coach I have experience in asking the questions that will lead you to look at what you are really seeking, how you will get there . It is often easier to go deeper with a coach or therapist, so you can discover your strenghts and weaknesses. A professional is caring and compassionate yet not connected in the same way as family or friends. Emotions can be discussed without worry of hurting anyone. All of these things empower you to achieve your goals .So you take that first step and begin to imagine the big picture.Can you feel the excitement growing knowing that you are getting closer to what you desire? Your goals are attainable but sometimes we just need that other person to help us find the right path and give encouragement along the way.

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