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Ramblings thoughts as Christmas approaches.

As I have been driving around doing  errands or visitng friends I have noticed the chrismas trees.Each one is different in color, shape and size.Each one differs in how they are decorated as well.They all bring joy and excitement to us.They may start out looking plain or flawed but once decorated they are ALL beautiful.I have learned we humans are also all different and beautiful.It may take us some time to see the beauty in each other but it is and always has been there.We enter this world tiny and helpless but with love and care we develope into beautiful poeple .In my busy life I can forget the beauty of the trees and the unique beauty of those people around me.This year as we navigate life lets all try to see the beauty around us not on#ioenheartwellness#lovely at Christmas but through the busy stressful lives we have been blessedwith.Each of us are a beautiful creation!

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