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Reiki ,Energy.Healing What does this all mean?

I discovered Reiki a few months after my husband died. A friend was doing her clinical practice sessiions and needed volunteers. I was curious to know what all the hype was about so I asked if I could be a volunteer.That first Reiki session was the start of so many new things for me. Reiki was both relaxing and energizing. It brought to the surface feelings I had likely been pushing away for a long time. It was not a negative thing just surprising. My whole being felt like it was floating .I admit that was hard. It took me several minues to really relax into the sensation and just let myself be present. I need to admit to being a bit of a control freak ..wanting to ask questions and wanting know what would happen next. I was assured everything was as it was meant to be! After the session I was relaxed , refreshed and so excited I was trembling .This was the movement of energy.We are all energy , just think of your heart , it is an electrical conduction.That is how it functions to keep you alive.I continued to learn about Reiki and believe it helps heals us in ways we most need .That can be anything from emotional,mental or physical by showing us where we are in need of help.The time spent talking with your Reiki practiitioner helps you voice what you experienced duing the reiki session and heal .Sometimes this is just knowing where you need help and somwtimes it means seeking out further help such as a doctor, or therapist.

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