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So long green leaves hello vibrant color!

As I begin to write this new blog I realize we are in a new month and I am reflecting on all that has happened over the summer. Do you become reflective as the seasons change? I love the beauty of summer but as we transition into fall the colors are simply amazing. Summer in Ontario seems short and I end up having so many expectations of what I will do. Visit with friends, day trips, grandchildren, travel outside my communiy, gardening, reading and the list goes on. My normal routine usually gets put aside without me even realizing it. I look at the date, September 1st, and I know it is time for me to reflect on the great things that have hapened and also get back to routine again. I also know that my heart and soul have been directing me to return to this time of recharging body mind and spirit. Those of you that have children returning to school may also be looking forward to the quieter times again, or maybe it is more correct to say differnt routines.This does not mean you do not love your family but you also need to recharge after the bussle of summer. Perhaps that is joining a yoga class or simply having coffee with a friend. As I am writing this Pumpkin Spice comes to mind and I can not help but smile and remember those fabulous aromas of fall. Each season has its own beauty but Fall is my favorite. The colors and aromas espccially the changing and falling leaves give me a renewed connectioin with nature and a sense that all is well in my world. In summimg up this reflection for me summer is for letting go, laughter, new experiences summer sunshine, hustle and bustle with family. Fall brings us back to ourselves with the color and quiet of nature settling into its own preparatiions.It amazes me how the seasons just know what to do and when to begin. I think there is a lesson in that for us humans.What are you looking forward to this Autumn? How will you feed your spirit and recharge? I hope you found my ramblings of some interest and just maybe it has given you some ideas of how you want to recharde this Autumn. Let thee colors and aromas feed all of your senses.

As always I love to hear your comments so send them here to my blog.

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