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Step into 2023 and expect Great things!

WOW another year begins.I sit back and wonder where the year went .It seemed to go by so fast. Is that my age or do you feel the same way? I spent some time yesterday thinking back on 2022 ... the wins , the losses, the times of laughter and tears. I realized there were more good times than bad times. It is interesting how the bad times ofen seem to take up more of our time and energy .We keep reliving them over and over, yet the good peaceful time just flow by..Does that mean we take good times for granted. or are they just less work? I loved this image for 2023 because it seemed to sum up that life circle we often hear about .Step into all the possibilities that are to come.Prepare to shine brightly, celebrate the wins and use the hard time as teaching lessons. Each year I choose a word or two for my year. It is a reminder for me especially in those rough time we experience.My words for 2023 are LET GO and RELEASE.This is my reminder to let life happen because I am discovering holding on too tightly can be destroy the peace of the moment. What is meant for me will arrive without me stressing and worrying and whining .Yes Sometime I can be whiney.LOL.The open palms in the picture are a readiness to embrace the new year. I wonder what will fill the year for each of us. Wishing you abundance, laughter , new experiences as we travel 2023 together.

As always I welcome you insights and comments. Remember to celebrarte each day and let your light shim=ne!!


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05 ene 2023

This really makes me think of living in the happy moments and stop worrying about the not to perfect ones!!!

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