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Take the risk, and see where it leads you!

It is scary taking a risk At least it is for me. Not every risk gets you what you are wanting. Sometimes you get what you need, a lesson to learn, or something new and better than you were planning It is easy to stay in your trusted surroundings but does that excite you or developed your dreams? " Life is either a daring adventure or nothing".This is a quote from Helen Keller that I found and will use when I need to have the courage to take a risk.

By stepping out of our comfort zones we can discover new talents and abilities.

Life has no guarantees but when you are willing to take that risk life can be a journey of discovery. What are you wanting to discover by taking a risk? I know that I have had to step out and take many risks over the years but would not change any of the results. They have made me who I am becoming and I find it exciting, challenging, empowering, and yes scary at times. Share your experiences here, I would love to read them. We can all learn and be strengthened by each other's experiences.


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Apr 27, 2022

Taking that step is sometimes over whelming and scary, how do you get past those fears?

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