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Spring is in the air ! Can you feel it ? The days are getting longer and warmer ...well at least some days are warmer. As I am writing todays post it is March 25th and snowing .Spring in Ontario Canada.I know the snow will not last and the air still smells like spring at least it does for me. I find I am looking forward to getting out and working outside, putting the heavy winter clothes away, bringing out the shoes and have the flip flops ready.I plan all the things I would like to do. Now that winter is moving out it has me getting excited for all that spring will bring .It is a time of new growth for the earth.I love watching how the world around me begins to transform.The maple trees give us sap as the temperature gets warmer, the snow is melting, birds are chipping earlier in the morning ,farmers are starting to plan their planting season.There is new growth and transformation all around us. Spring is also a time for us as humans to begin to plant new seeds of hope , dreams , exploring new ways of beiing in our world. I know I look foward to being outside more , basking in the warmth of the sun.planting my garden but also moving forward on a personal level as well.Planting seeds for my own growth ...what does that look like ? For me it may be taking time to appreciate the changes in nature or changes in my own outlook on the world and gratitude for all there is around me and how I can allow it to teach me about patience,and resilience. In the spring everything around us and within us begins to stir and look for movement, change, purpose as we come out of the winter time when we seem to snuggle up and cocoon in our winter cold. I even feel like my outside yard opens up and I can walk around unhindered by snow banks. I find it exciting to start new once again planting and planning for the new life all around us.What seeds are you planning on planting as we move into spring 2023 ? As always I love to hear your thoughts and comments .You can comment here or connect with me at


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