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What does a grieving person need?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

I think this is a question we all ask ouselves.If you are grieving you are often unable to know what you need or even feel at times. As the family or friend of someone who is greiving we are not always sure what to do or say. I hope these few suggentions will help you in the days especially right after the death has occured.When someome is greiving they often feel exhausted not because of busyness but because grief work is hard and takes so much energy to deal with the emotiionnal and sometines even physical pain we feel. REST is important to maintain good health.Encourage a greiving to rest.Short naps, quiet environment,soft music or just sitting quietly with them are a few simple suggestions. LOVE is another important element .Feeling your love and support for them allows the greiving person to do the work needed.Often they feel immobilized by their pain and fears of the future without the person that has died.Lastly for today they need HOPE, that they will be able to get through this loss.There is much mental, physical and practical work to be done especially in the first few months after someone has died it can be overwhelming.Let them know you are there to support and help as they need you.There are other things like time,setting goals, security,small pleasures,and even backsliding that I will discuss in more detail at a later time. The needs seem simple but they are vitally important and can change depending on the greiving person..I was always taught that just being present with a grieving person is of great value.


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Nov 19, 2021

Inspirational, I also believe that grief goes deeper than loosing a person. These strategies would also work well for grieving a pet, lost job, broken marriage or anything that a person had attachment to. You are amazing with words, love this!

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