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What is a Wellness Wheel?

Hello everyone .It has been several weeks since I did a blog so I am glad to be back working at a new one today. The picture I am using, is a wellness wheel.Have you heard about them before? There are several different types depending on a persons need.This particular wheel depicts six elements of a life and helps us see which areas are in need of some extra care.I use it often in my coaching practice.We all feel stuck at times, but are not able to say or know why . MovIing around the wheel you take some time to reflect on each area of the wheel.Typically the wheel is divided into six equal sections and often they are labled with a dimensiion of wellness. Remebering that we try to keep life balanced it is good to color each section to the degree you feel that area is working for you When you complete all of the sections you can see where you need to pay more attention in order live balanced, happy and healthy. An example of this could be if the Social section has only a small amount of coloring it may be time to ask yourself why that is .This requires what I call a deep dive into your heart and being honest with yourself. Sorry I neglected to tell you it WAS NOT EASY! Deep diving into ourselves can bring up emotions or events that are painful but that is where growth and change occur. Each part of the wheel is equally important to live the life you are desireing.You can search MR.Google and find your own or contact me to get a wellnees wheel .You can also make your own. I am happy to help you and chat about your results.I have done this myself and find it a helpful tool personally and with clients.Clients are surprised at what they find out about themselves.

As always I look to see comments and questions or even new ideas for blogs you would like to see in the future.

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