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Why do you need a Life Coach?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Why do you need a life coach? That is a common question, and I have been asked this numerous times. I was asking the very same question. a few years ago, when was taking a course, and part of the course was to have a number of therapy sessions. I was sure I was just fine and had NO problems that needed therapy. Full of myself, Yes !! My therapist just smiled and nodded. I should have clued in at that point. Well, after two sessions, things I had not thought of in years started coming into my thinking mind. I was so taken back, especially because some were small little things, but others had been more painful.

My therapist was patient and understanding, calling them all Traumas. Life events, both small and large, can make you fearful, jealous, anxious and frustrated without really understanding why. A life coach is slightly different than a therapist but still helps you to work through decisions we often seem to have trouble making. I think of it as being on a hamster wheel. We want to make changes but have difficulty with the follow-through. Your life coach will often ask questions that challenge you to really think about the answers.He/ she does not give you the answers but does help you use the tools you already have to find your way to making the best choice for you. Deciding with a coach's guidance is so very empowering. You feel stronger. The use of therapists and life coaches can be vitally important in the everyday climate we are living in today. I have worked with both a therapist and a coach and feel that the time we spent together has helped in my own personal growth. Even as a mature person, there is always something more to discover about ourselves. If you want to change your life and struggle with moving forward, I would strongly suggest using a Life Coach. All sessions are completely confidential.

If you have questions about today's blog, you are welcome to message me. I offer a complimentary thirty-minute session so you can ask questions and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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