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Winter Yes or No!

As I thought about my blog for this month, I struggled with what to write. We are almost through fall, and Christmas is now in full force in the stores and media. We are experiencing colder weather and shorter days. This year, I have been purposely following the Medicine wheel as I travel through the year. It has proven very helpful and has assisted me through each season. The winter season on the medicine wheel is the North. I think for those of us in Ontario, that is so fitting. It is a time of reflection and rest as we see colder weather. We reflect on the year that is coming to an end, and we also look at how we have managed the year and how we have changed through the months. That leads to planning the new year. What are our hopes and dreams for the future? How will we decide what is most important? We eat and dress differently in winter and draw closer to loved ones because life slows down. Winter brings family gatherings and a chance to reconnect with each other. As the earth rests and prepares for the next season, we are also called to rest, reflect, plan, exercise and celebrate this winter gift. Winter brings us a unique beauty. I often look forward to snuggling up with a comfy blanket and watching the fresh snow outside. What does winter mean for you, and what has 2023 taught you?

As always, I look forward to your thoughts as you prepare for the holiday season and the new year.

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Fosters Fields
Fosters Fields
Dec 06, 2023

What is the medicine wheel?


This is a perfect reflection…thank you!🙏🏼 It is also a reminder that we live in a good place and I am grateful for Winter and every season of transition and change! Thank you again very wise words! 💖

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