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Your Grief journey is very personal.

Although the grief journey on examination has many similarities each of us travels our own path.We all experience sadness,anger, lonliness,fear, heart wrenching pain and many other feelings but these emotions are different for each of us because we are all unique and our life experienes have been different. Sometimes our grief reaction is based on our exprience with death as a younger person or after a traumatic death ..On a personal note my experience after the death of my husband 7 years ago was very different than the death of my parents.Not less painful just different, and perhaps more of a shock.Who was I now, what was I going to do with myself,could I manage all the things of life on my own? Alll questions I am sure many others have asked themselves.I decided early on in my journey that Marv would not want me to stay in the pain of grief.I tend to be a wee bit stubborn so I started taking charge of what needed to be done and connecting with friends. .Family stayed close in case I needed them but I made it clear I would be ok and would value their help when I needed it . I also went and spoke to a grief counseller to make sure even though I thought I was doing ok they could help me make sure. I find my family and I still talk about Marv and enjoy telling stories we shared .The grandchildren that were old enougnh also share happy memories .Their stories give my heart a jolt of joy that they remember him. That is all for now .I will share more of my journey next time.

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